ORMR Multiple Antenna PIT Tag Reader


Long range LF HDX Multiplexer Reader.  Includes GNSS and Bluetooth.

Drives up to 4 antennas up to 200′ across.


The ORMR is an Oregon RFID HDX PIT Tag Reader that can operate up to four antennas, each from a few inches in diameter to over 50 meters across.  A new antenna multiplexing circuit switches both wires of the selected channel and electrically shorts the unselected channels to prevent false detections.

An internal datalogger has 16 GB of flash memory to store the PIT tag ID, antenna number, detection time, duration in the field and over 20 other data fields with each detection.  Performance data is stored for every minute of operation to record voltages, amperage, noise levels and other performance parameters, much like a flight data recorder.

Pressing the TUNE button starts the autotuner and displays the status on IN/OK/OUT lights.  The LEDs can also be used to adjust tuning jumpers on manual tuners.  The reader can be configured to periodically re-tune the antennas while running.

The ORMR reader has the ability to analyze antennas to measure the antenna voltage, antenna amperage, wire resistance (ESR @134.2 kHz).  It is the only PIT tag reader that can analyze the antenna by measuring the frequency response (Q) of the loop.

An integrated GNSS satellite radio provides accurate record timestamps.  Charge pulses are synchronized using the GNSS time reference so readers can be operated near others without interfering with each other.  Where no GNSS signal is available, a temperature compensated oscillator maintains accurate time and a cable connected between readers will share the same precise time reference.

The reader can be operated with pushbuttons on the front panel and from a computer connected using a USB to serial cable or wireless Bluetooth link.

The reader operates from 12 to 20 volts DC that can be provided by deep cycle marine batteries or low noise AC-DC power supply.  A 100 watt solar power system is sufficient to operate the reader at most sites.

Overall dimensions: 10″ x 9.5″ x 4″, 25 x 24 x 20 cm

Learn more about this reader here.

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