Reader Firmware

Click on the links to download firmware files for the ORSR, ORMR and ORHF readers

Version 2.2 May 2024

Documents for Single and Multiple Antenna Readers (2007-2021)

Fish Tag Bluetooth Serial Adapter

Datalogger Firmware

The .UPD file is an image of the firmware that runs on the 2007-2021 datalogger. It can be downloaded in ASCII (.UPD) or as a compressed archive file (.ZIP). The Firmware Updater program for Windows (below) is used to write this file to the program memory on the circuit board.

Firmware Updater

The updater program for Windows writes the UPD firmware file to the datalogger circuit board over the serial port. The file is available as in installer (.zip) or just the executable (.exe). If you use the .exe and get a message about missing files, use the installer.

Handheld Readers

Easy Tracer Files (Proximity Reader)

Firmware (Installed with SID)

SID for Windows

Data Tracer Files (Proximity Reader)


Rumisoft for Windows