Repair and Refurbish

Repair Charges

We will evaluate our readers for a flat rate of $65 per item plus return shipping.  This includes diagnosing problems and updating firmware.

We do not repair circuit boards. If we find that circuit boards need to be replaced, the customer will be given a quote for authorization.

If we are given the okay to continue, payment for the initial evaluation plus circuit boards and return shipment will be invoiced. Otherwise, the readers will be returned and the customer will be billed for the evaluation and return shipping.

Packing Readers for Shipment

Securely pack everything in a sturdy box. Use two layers of bubble wrap for the best protection. Fill the rest of the box with newspaper. Foam peanuts and air bags do not provide adequate cushion for heavy items. We will not be responsible for damage during shipping.

Seal the box with clear packing tape, not duct tape or masking tape.

Choose a delivery service that provides tracking (DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, Post Office). Insurance is optional and often expensive. We do not insure return shipments unless you specifically authorize payment.


IMPORTANT Be sure to include a note describing the reason for the return along with your return shipping address, email address and phone number.

For questions about repairs, contact

Ship to:

Oregon RFID
Repair Service
4080 SE International Way
Suite B105
Portland, Oregon 97222