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Innovative tracking solutions since 2003

Meazura/Palm PDA Software

Click here for instructions showing how to copy these programs to the PDA

PTLogger is the interface program for the our datalogger that runs on the Meazura PDA and PDAs running PalmOS version 4 or 5.

Version 2.03, August 11, 2015 (contains PTLogger.prc) or
PTLogger.prc (unzipped)

User Guide (PDF)

TagTracker is used for mobile tracking. It displays a list of previous detections when a detected tag is found in the database.

Version 1.8, August 10, 2012. (contains TagTracker.prc) or
TagTracker.prc (unzipped)

User Guide (PDF)

PTelnet is used to connect to the command line interface with the PDA. (contains PTelnet.prc)

PTelnet User Guide (PDF)