Multi-Antenna HDX Reader



High performance LF HDX RFID reader, ISO 11784 compatible.

Will drive up to 4 antennas positioned remotely from the reader.

Stores up to 10 million detection events in nonvolatile memory. Each event record includes the tag ID, initial time of detection and duration (to 0.01s). Log files are uploaded to a PC or PDA over a serial port or optional Bluetooth link.

Automatically turns off when the supply voltage is low and will restart when the voltage level returns.

A timer will turn the reader on and off at a specified time of day to save power.

The antenna sizes are limited compared to the single antenna reader. The width should be limited to 10 meters wide and less than 20 meters /60′ from the reader. Smaller antennas can be further. Wider antennas can be used if there are fewer and/or closer.

NEMA 12 rated enclosure. Includes piezo buzzer, serial cable and USB-to-serial adapter.

Requires either standard or autotuning capacitors sold separately, one for each antenna.

Datalogger manual