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DataTracer FDX/HDX Reader with Bluetooth


The Oregon RFID DataTracer reader detects both HDX and FDX-B PIT tags. It has excellent read range from both the built-in loop and external stick antenna.

The TFT color display can be read in bright sunlight. Up to 1 million records can be stored in flash memory storage.

A tagging script is included that asks for species, weight and length after a tag is read. PC Software is used to create interactive applications using the keypad and graphic display.

The reader mounts as a USB flash drive and files are easily transferred to a computer. User manuals and installer software are stored in the reader. A lithium-polymer battery powers the reader for many hours and is recharged by a 5 volt USB connection. Rated IP 67 (EN 60529) which is immersible for short periods of time.

Bluetooth Class 2 link included for wireless communication up to 10 meters.

Includes USB charger, 110 VAC charger, 12V car adapter.

Tag read range will change depending on tag orientation, product quality, proximity of noise, battery level and other factors. The distance measurements in the table below were made with the tag at the optimum orientation in an electrically quiet location.

Tag Read distance in inches
Length Diameter HDX FDX-B
8.3 mm 1.4 mm 3.5
12 mm 2.14 mm 6.25 food safe
12 mm 2.14 mm 6.75 6.50
23 mm 3.65 mm 9.50 9.25
32 mm 3.65 mm 10.75

This reader does not detect RW (rewritable), 125 kHz FDX-A, 128 kHz or FECAVA coded tags.

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