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HDX Backpack Reader

Starting at: $2,395.00

High performance LF HDX RFID reader in a lightweight polycarbonate enclosure. Includes soft backpack case. A durable pole antenna is available separately

Continuous operation for up to 8 hours depending on reader settings.

Stores up to 10 million detection events in nonvolatile memory. Each event record includes the tag ID, initial time of detection and duration (to 0.01s). Log files are uploaded to a PC over a serial port or optional Bluetooth link.

Automatically turns off when the supply voltage is low and will restart when the voltage level returns.

Weighs 5 pounds without battery. Lithium polymer battery adds 1 pound.

Antenna and battery not included. Includes piezo buzzer, serial cable and USB-to-serial adapter.

Tag read range will change depending on tag orientation, product quality, proximity of noise, battery level and other factors. The distance measurements in the table below were made at the optimum orientation with a new battery with the reader in an electrically quiet location.

Read distance in inches using our pole antenna

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