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HF RFID with Anti-Collision

HF RFID is useful for detecting multiple animals on an antenna placed near nests such as birds, bats, large insects, reptiles, squirrels, gophers, etc. It does not work well in water.

High Frequency (HF) RFID reads multiple tags in the same field using an ISO-standard anti-collision protocol. The strongest tag signal is detected and then the reader sends a command for it to hibernate. The process repeats, listening for the next strongest tag until no more are found, then the tags are sent a reset command to start the process again.

The read rate of tags when using anti-collision will depend on the number of tags in the field, nominally 30 milliseconds per tag (100 tags in 3 seconds). Anti-collision can be turned off in the reader to provide full read speed on one antenna.

Antenna dimensions for HF RFID are smaller than for low frequency (LF). The largest antenna we have successfully built is 5' x 1.5' with reduced performance. Smaller antennas (under 4' long) are necessary for optimum read range.

HF PIT tags are assigned unique numbers by the manufacturer.